Microsoft 365 backup services

Recover from outages, ransomware attacks, user errors, and even permission errors! We fully back up your vital Microsoft Office 365 services and help to achieve a fast, flexible recovery that lets your team work quickly.

AccuIT's Microsoft Office 365 covers service interruptions and getting back lost, deleted, or corrupted content. Our robust planning ensures that your backups run several times daily, every day, to avoid throttling and maximize performance. Moreover, we help you to get support for the latest Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 features to enhance data protection.

Microsoft Office 365 backup tailored for Canadian Businesses

As the world increasingly moves online, you must prepare reliable backup solutions for your data. We backup Microsoft 365, a cloud-based productivity suite that provides numerous features and tools for businesses. It is vital to have our backup plan in place in case of data loss or corruption.

Your data loss can be due to hardware failures or user errors. We can minimize the impact of data loss and keep your business back up and running. Various backup solutions are available, but only a few are explicitly tailored for Canadian firms. So it's essential to choose one that fits your business's needs. One company that offers such a solution is AccuIT Canada. We provide a comprehensive backup plan that includes weekly full backups and daily backups. We ensure that your data is always protected, even if something happens to your Office 365 account.

Cloud backup for Microsoft 365

Our cloud backup solution can provide an additional security layer for your Microsoft 365 data. By storing backups off-site, you can protect your data from local disasters such as fires or floods. Our Cloud backup solutions are often more reliable than on-premises solutions due to their distributed nature.

You may face a few potential problems if cloud backup for Microsoft 365 is unavailable. First, you could lose access to your data if there is an issue with the primary storage system. Additionally, if the backup system is unavailable, it could take longer to restore data when a disaster happens. Finally, without a cloud backup, you may have to rely on tape backups which can be more expensive and difficult to manage.

Our cloud Microsoft 365 backup solution provides a more efficient way to manage data recovery. If a disaster occurs, your data will be accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Some of the Microsoft 365 Backup services we offer

  • Exchange(email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, journals, public folders)
  • SharePoint (sites, folders, lists, files)
  • OneDrive (folders, accounts, versions, files)
  • Team (calendars, files, conversations, notebook)

OneDrive for business allows you to back up your files and data in the cloud. SharePoint Online backup helps your business keep your data safe and secure in a disaster. And for those who need a more comprehensive solution, we also offer Exchange Online backup, which provides a complete backup of your email data.

So no matter your needs, we have a Microsoft Office 365 Backup Solutions that can help you protect your essential data.

How does Our Microsoft 365 backup solution Help Your Business?

You can rely on our Microsoft 365 for email, calendaring, and file storage. And while the cloud-based service is incredibly reliable, data loss can still occur. That's where our Microsoft 365 backup solution comes in.

Our backup solution helps by creating a copy of your data and storing it off-site. If something happens to your data in Microsoft 365, you can restore it from the backup. You can schedule backups to run automatically or manually with just a few clicks.

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We are home to consultants with the insight needed to provide answers and advice to your queries regarding your Microsoft 365 backup.

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    Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your data is protected and can be recovered in an emergency. We offer various backup options to suit your needs, so you can choose the level of protection that best suits your organization.

    IT Support

    Get your issues and questions answered with a dedicated IT support team ready to respond to your queries 24/7. As your organization moves more data and applications to the cloud, you must consider protecting that information.

    Our Microsoft 365 backup protects your Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, and OneDrive for Business files. It allows you to restore individual items or all of your data, depending on what's needed.

    To set up Microsoft 365 backup, you'll need our backup solution to connect to Microsoft's cloud-based services. Once you have our backup solution, you'll need to configure it to work with office 365 cloud backup canada.

    Latest technology

    You can trust us because our latest technology, Microsoft 365, a cloud-based platform, provides you with access to various tools and applications. One of the essential features of our Microsoft 365 is its backup solution, which helps protect your data in case of system failure or accidental deletion.

    Our Microsoft 365 backup solution provides real-time backup and multiple recovery options and assists you in restoring your data whenever needed. It is also easy to use and configure, making it an excellent opportunity for those who need to be tech-savvy. If you are looking for a reliable backup solution for your business or personal data, Microsoft 365 is a great option to consider.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I store my Microsoft 365 backup?

    You can store it wherever needed. If you possess additional local storage, you can utilize it to backup on-premises. Also, you can leverage various object storage choices if you want to use the cloud. You can create a backup copy and store it in low-cost, long-term storage options.

    2. What happens to the Microsoft 365 data of the ex-employees of the organization?

    Microsoft 365 data of employees who have left the organization are registered in restore points taken before you remove their data. To initiate a restore, you can navigate to a historical restore point containing their Microsoft 365 data.

    3. Can users or admins delete anything from backups?

    Users and Admins cannot delete items; a whole repository can be removed but cannot be deleted from the disk for 30 days.

    4. Can we restore multiple folders simultaneously?

    Yes, you can backup and restore both folders and files from public folders, individually or in groups.

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