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Explore top-tier data backup services with AccuIT: Your ultimate solution for secure, reliable off-site data protection in Ontario. Experience peace of mind with our expertise in safeguarding your critical data against loss and threats.


Off-Site Data Backup Services in Ontario, Canada

Ensure you are secure with Off-Site Data Backup services. Get rid of your old storage service tools and stop worrying about your data. Choose one of the best backup and recovery solutions today.

Protect Your Data with Our Data Backup Services

Every company needs to be protected from data loss; use AccuIT’s IT support with off-site data backup service. Being proactive by developing security measures and a proper backup plan will help your business avoid a data disaster. Off-site backup has become increasingly essential since many companies have switched from building and managing their data centres to storing their applications and data in the data centres.

Our customized, reliable off-site backup solution removes the stress and worry associated with potential data loss. Our experienced IT professionals manage the backup and storage of your data in one of our secure data centres in Canada. Your data is securely encrypted in transit to our data centres as well as at rest so that we cannot even access your sensitive data.

Why Data Backup Services are So Crucial Today

The statistics below explain why data backup services and data recovery are crucial today.

  1. 93% of the companies who lost their data filed for bankruptcy in less than a year.
  2. 95% of data loss scenarios were not related to natural disasters.
  3. 31% of personal computer users have lost access to all their data for reasons out of their control.
  4. It takes 18 hours on average for businesses to recover lost data.
  5. Over 140,000 data crashes are reported in North America alone.
  6. Competitively Priced Data Backup Services.
  7. Our offsite data storage pricing is significantly less.
  8. Our backup services pricing begins at $19.95 monthly for off-site data backup. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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    Data backup services

    Competitively Priced Data Backup Services

    Our offsite data storage pricing is very less.
    Our off-site data backup services start at $19.95 / month. Please contact us for more information.

    The Features You Get with Our Data Backup Services

    Our off-site data storage solutions, a prime example of data backup as a service, are ideal for securely managing and maintaining your backups in line with your disaster recovery policies. We offer end-to-end data backup services that harbor the following features:

    Complete Backup

    We offer complete computer data backup services, wherein we backup all your essential files, including emails, databases, and server operating systems. Our data backup storage solutions also include backing up individual workstations requiring special protection. The files duplicated during the complete backup process are designated beforehand by a Data Backup and Recovery administrator.

    Off-Site Data Backup services

    We leverage highly secure data centres to render offsite data backup solutions. All your data can be securely stored in any of our data centres in Canada.

    Customized Services

    Our data backup services are customized according to your business's needs and requirements. We aim to provide you with the best data backup service.

    Experience Unmatched Performance with our Off-Site Data Backup Services

    Why Choose AccuIT for off-site backup solutions?

    Choosing AccuIT for off-site backup solutions ensures a comprehensive data backup strategy, seamlessly integrating remote and local storage methods. This approach provides enhanced data security and easy recovery, ensuring your critical information is always protected and accessible.

    Affordable Service

    We cater to the needs of small businesses by offering high-end backup services at an affordable price. We backup all your data in certified, secure data centres exclusively in Canada without burdening your pockets.


    Our data backup and recovery is easy to use because we take care of your management tasks that are needed with other forms of backup. Just a few simple clicks are only needed to backup your data.

    Off-site data storage solutions

    You can rest assured that your data is always safe by being stored in our data centres. With reliable data backup services, we ensure you secure storage and avoid data loss or theft. Our offsite backup solution for small businesses and medium-sized organizations is cost-effective and secure.

    Protect Against Ransomware

    Ransomware remains a critical threat to businesses globally. Recent reports from 2023 indicate that ransomware attacks have not only persisted but have also evolved in sophistication and impact. The first half of 2023 witnessed a staggering 1,900 ransomware incidents in just four major countries - the US, Germany, France, and the UK, indicating a continued surge in such attacks. In the government sector, at least 95 entities were impacted in 2023. The financial implications are staggering, with the first half of 2023 seeing ransom payments totaling $449 million. These attacks have not only targeted a variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, and government, but have also hit significant corporations. Our backups are not removable from the client site, thus making it impossible for attackers to harm your data.

    Areas We Serve

    AccuIT offers reliable data backup services for businesses in the following Regions in Ontario, Canada.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A data backup is an essential service that ensures the security and availability of your business data. At AccuIT, we specialize in providing data backup solutions for small businesses, offering off-site options. We emphasize the importance of combining data backup and disaster recovery services. We prioritize protecting your data against loss or theft, particularly from threats like ransomware. Our affordable, easy-to-use data backup services are secure, accessible from anywhere, and monitored 24/7, ensuring business continuity.

    Our backup services for businesses ensure the safety and security of your data. By backing up, we store your valuable information in our secure Canadian data centres, offering reliable off-site data protection.

    The time required to back up data depends on several factors, such as data size, network transfer rate, hardware’s read and write speed, etc. We use advanced de-duplication techniques to ensure that only the changed data gets uploaded to our servers, ensuring much lower backup times.

    • Versioning, restoring a file from a specific point-in-time
    • Peace of mind
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Reduce Operating Costs
    • Synchronization
    • Time-Saving
    • Security

    AccuIT’s backup solutions are designed with exceptional security measures for enterprises. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning technologies, we robustly defend against ransomware attacks. Our system ensures that backed-up data is non-removable from the site, offering a solid defense against potential data tampering or theft. Additionally, we employ enterprise-grade encryption to protect your data during transit. It places us among the best backup service providers, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your files in our data centers.

    Online data backup services provide secure, automated data backups to a remote server or storage. It ensures data safety and easy retrieval in case of system failures, data corruption, or accidental deletions.

    • Files
    • VMWare Servers
    • SQL Server Databases
    • Windows System State / Active Directory
    • Office 365 Email / OneDrive / Sharepoint Sites

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