Business Email Hosting Services Canada

Businesses run on reliable communications

Secured and Reliable Email Hosting Services for Canadian Businesses

At AccuIT we believe that hyper-reliable access to e-mail is one of the most critical communications requirements of modern day business.

As canadian email hosting providers go, we at Accuit are often lauded for offering one of the best email hosting services for small business and large corporations alike. 

To ensure that your business receives the most reliable solution for your e-mail and hosting needs, we have made it a priority to develop and offer one of the most secure and reliable e-mail solutions available to our clients.

With so much data being transferred between customers, companies, banks, and beyond, business can’t function without reliable communications like e-mail and hosting. We facilitate proper communication by offering an impeccable web and email hosting service.

We provide robust email and web hosting services for businesses across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by email hosting?

Email hosting is an excellent service that permits you to send, receive and store email messages on servers provided by your company. Our service includes add-ons such as file transfer, creating folders, and templates. Our solution gives you more control over your data and is more reliable than other platforms.

How will buying business email benefit me?

You can deliver your business a more professional image with our business email by emailing with your company's domain name (for example, You can also utilize our advanced email technology that gives you the lowest latency, best uptime, scalability, and reliability.

What is your spam policy?

We have zero tolerance for sending unsolicited emails, bulk emails, and spam. We have an enterprise-grade spam policy with anti-virus protection to eliminate all kinds of phishing and malware attacks.

Can your hosted email be accessed from outside the office?

Hosted email also has the added benefit of being accessible anywhere, anytime. With a partner like AccuIT, administrators can rest easy knowing their email resources will always be available. This relieves the fear of downtime and empowers employees to work outside the office. Our hosted email service can be easily accessed with the proper credentials, ensuring workers can work from their office, home, or on the road while keeping data safe.