Dedicated Managed IT Services for Canadian Businesses

AccuIT is the managed IT services provider you need for call-as-required IT support. Our experienced AccuIT technicians are just a call away with managed IT support services that you can rely on. Our IT maintenance and support services will keep you up and running with your information technology and services department right when you need us.

Whether it's a one-time thing, or if your business needs to be dedicated and managed IT support, AccuIT can handle your organization's information technology needs with our impeccable business IT support. We are one of the best IT support companies in Canada for small and large corporations. We provide various services like contracted IT support, network design, data backup services, and many more to ensure you can always access the latest software updates, hardware repairs, system backups, and more.

Call us at 1-866-409-8647 or email us now to enjoy the following benefits of AccuIT:

  • Minimize downtime
  • The latest technology with tools and applications
  • Manage data recovery efficiently
  • Dedicated team to answer your queries
  • 24/7 team support

Call AccuIT Now if You are Facing the Below Problems

  • Inefficient IT Team and Department
  • Skyrocketing Infrastructure Costs
  • Frequent Downtimes
  • Frequent Security Issues
  • Compliance Hurdles
  • Application failures
  • Infrastructure instability and other problems

As a widely respected managed IT services provider, you can count on our team of technical experts to address all of the above issues plaguing your business.

Secure Your IT Future with Managed IT Support Services

We provide robust IT support services for small businesses and large corporations alike. Our core offerings include:

1 - Comprehensive IT Network Support Services

Whenever an issue arises, we dispatch our technician to address and resolve it as quickly as possible. We are home to experienced technicians that possess the knowledge and skill needed to quickly find a solution to the issues you face, regardless of whether the problem is related to hardware, software, or operating system. We offer IT support solutions you can trust.

2 – Maintenance and Monitoring

Our technicians can render appropriate IT maintenance and support services that aim to identify and fix a problem. We offer computer support services to fix issues plaguing the hardware or software of your device. Moreover, our monitoring service ensures you’ll never face a recurring issue while operating your devices.

3 – IT Helpdesk

Our Helpdesk is ready to answer your call and help you whenever you need us the most. Our support team is ready around the clock across all Canadian time zones to render IT technical support services and assist you with any type of IT issue you are facing. We assess each issue carefully and prioritize our response depending on the urgency.

4 – Tailored Business IT Solutions

We cater to all types of businesses. We have the tools, resources, and professionals necessary to provide support, monitoring, and maintenance services that effectively fix IT-related issues. We are home to certified technicians who possess the expertise to solve any type of IT crisis in no time. Whether it is offering IT support for Small businesses or a larger enterprise, AccuIT’s got you covered.

Why Choose AccuIT for IT Support and Services

i) 24/7 Support

Our IT technicians and engineers are available 24/7 to offer invaluable IT maintenance and support services to address any of your IT needs.

ii) Uptime Commitment

Experience greater uptime and fewer disruptions as our technicians perform system updates and maintenance work during off-hours.

iii) Access to Experts

With AccuIT, you have experienced technicians and specialist engineers rendering robust IT technical support services, thus reducing an overwhelming amount of burden on your staff.

iv) Greater Compliance

We assist you with periodic IT audits and preparing custom and standard reports to help you overcome security and compliance issues.

v) Use Best Practices

At AccuIT, we understand that the only way we succeed is if our clients are happy. So we leverage industry-leading tools with advanced functionality and global best practices to render managed IT support services.

vi) Insightful Consulting

We leverage our industry experience to arm you with the best advice, training, and cost-optimization initiatives to make your IT infrastructure more formidable.

We’ll help you plan for more effective Business IT Support

At AccuIT, we offer a variety of IT support options to keep your computers working for you. We are your one-stop shop for computer support and services. Beyond call-as-required service, AccuIT can introduce your business to support and maintenance planning to ensure your technology is secure before future growth and change outpace your ability to keep up.
With AccuIT, you’ll keep your computer systems operational; your IT costs will stay on budget; and, you’ll benefit from experienced IT support services when you need them. This is precisely what makes us one of the best small business IT support companies in Canada.

FAQ Managed IT Services

1. How do your managed IT services benefit our business?

We assist you with various services, such as network monitoring, backup and recovery, data storage, and technical support. Hence we help you achieve business continuity, enhanced IT posture, core business focus, security, technology expertise, standardized processes, operational efficiency, and responsiveness, among other business benefits.

2. How can you reduce our IT infrastructure cost?

By proactively managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure, we can help you avoid or resolve problems before they result in downtime, instability, or other costly consequences. Also, we save the costs of maintaining an in-house IT staff and keeping up with the latest technology.

3. What happens if we have an internal IT department already?

You can hand over your daily IT services to us, so we can free up your IT team to pursue the projects that move your business forward. We look after your IT team's tedious tasks, such as installing service packs and security updates and performing backups at the appropriate time so that they can address other progressive IT initiatives.

4. How do you keep our company's data safe?

We always aim to tighten up your company's security so that no single vulnerability will become the cause of the disruption. We achieve this by:

  • System account management
  • System updates
  • Data backups
  • Staying updated with vulnerabilities
  • Recommending new software and hardware that reduces security breaches.

Areas We Serve with our Managed IT Services

AccuIT is the leading provider of IT support in Ontario, Canada. Below are all the regions we serve.