Deploy the power of Microsoft Exchange to your organization

Don't use outdated POP or IMAP e-mail

Many companies still rely on outdated e-mail technologies for daily communications. These e-mail systems are not only difficult to configure and maintain, but don't offer the scalability, reliability and ease of configuration that a Hosted Exchange setup would offer.

Hosted Exchange will allow your employees to work better, faster. Their e-mails will be synchronized across all their communication devices. We believe that reliable access to e-mail is one of the most critical communications requirements of business today. That is why we have made it a priority to develop and offer one of the most secure and reliable email solutions available to our clients.

We'll check your e-mail out

If your company is still using "outdated e-mail" contact us. If you are unsure, we can perform an analysis free of charge. Our Hosted Exchange service plans start only at $11.95 per month, per mailbox and includes all the Office Apps you'll need!